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Study Tips to Crack CSEET Exam | How to pass CSEET in first

Study Tips to Crack CSEET Exam | How to pass CSEET in first

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India will be declaring the official start date for the CSEET examination. The formal notice has been made by the Institute.

This exam is administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and is considered to be a qualifying admission test for enrollment into the CS Executive Program." Here you can get comprehensive information on How to Prepare for CSEET & Pass CSEET in the First Attempt.

The CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) for the purpose of direct admission of applicants into the CS Executive Program. The CSEET programme, which has taken the role of the CS Foundation programme, will now be held four times a year by ICSI.

For enrollment into the CS Executive Program, the sole qualifying entry exam is the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). The Company Secretary Entrance Examination (CSEET) was developed with the different academic levels of students seeking admission to the Company Secretary Course in mind, in order to recruit deserving individuals and assess their potential for the Company Secretary profession. Candidates who are taking or have passed the class 12th exams will be able to participate in the CSEET.

The CSEET will be administered in February to all students seeking admission to the Company Secretary Course. This includes graduates/postgraduates and those students seeking admission into other courses. It is hoped that the process of choosing deserving applicants via CSEET would improve the overall quality of future members, allowing them to satisfy the expectations of both the sector and regulators.


Criteria for passing the CSEET Exams

ICSI has established a passing criteria which is minimum of 40 percentage marks in each part i.e., Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3 and Paper-4 independently as the case may be, and 50 percentage marks in total of all corridor put together for passing the Test. There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. The minimal CS Executive Entrance Test chance to be scored is 50 percentage.


The new break up for computer based CSEET in MCQ exam pattern of 2 hours would be as under

Business Communication get 35 questions and is 50 marks paper

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning get 35 questions and is 50 marks paper

Economic and Business Environment get 35 questions and is 50 marks paper

Current Affairs, Presentation and Communication Skills get 35 questions and is 50 marks paper

total your CSEET exams get 140 questions which are worth 200 marks of total.


How much we are really prepared to crack this exam?

This examination being one of the most important exam for entering into this program of such a respectable Institute of India. Hence this requires decent preparation, knowledge and planning. 

The students are required to plan the study in such a manner that the target can be achieved and they should be qualified to crack this in 1st attempt itself. 


Following methodology is suggested for achieving the passing criteria and cracking the examination:

  1. Acknowledging the CSEET Syllabus
  2. Making a Study Schedule
  3. Journals and CSEET Bulletins published by ICSI
  4. Notes and Foundation Books
  5. Taking Classes or Youtube Video lectures
  6. Giving Mock Tests on a regular basis
  7. Self practicing


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Acknowledging the CSEET Syllabus

The ICSI has specified a specific curriculum with regard to each paper and the topics that will be covered in the examination. The following are the concepts and subjects that must be covered in order for the exam to be recognized. Students are required to know and have a firm knowledge of the subject under evaluation. Students should do a detailed SWOT analysis of the topics under examination. The attention should be paid more on the topics/subjects that seem to be complex and hard for them.


Business Communication: Essentials of Good English Communication Business Correspondence

Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning: The Indian Constitution is a legal document that governs the country. The Indian Contract Act and the Indian Law of Torts Constitutive Elements of Company Secretaries Legislation Constitutive Elements of Corporation Law Argumentation based on logic Argumentation in the Spoken Word Nonverbal Reasoning is a kind of reasoning that does not use words.

Economic and Business Environment: The Fundamentals of Demand and Supply Market Competition, National Income Accounting, and related ideas are discussed in detail. Budget of the Indian Union Indian Financial Markets Economic Situation in India Economic Situation in India Environmental Aspects of Business Important Governmental Organizations

Current Affairs and Presentation and Communication Skills: Current Affairs of National and International Significance Presentation skills Written Communication Skills Oral Communication Skills

The ICSI has also specified the percentage of marks that will be assigned to each segment of the subject and to each topic. It becomes quite simple for pupils to prioritise their learning and make choices about which areas to study.


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Making a Study Schedule

A second crucial condition is that students plan out their daily studying hours, which is another important requirement. Making a decent timetable has always shown to be beneficial in achieving success in any exam. As a result, it would be beneficial in this situation as well.

A growing faculty members and mentors are using their YouTube channels these days. Students will also be guided through the process of developing their hourly or daily study schedule. They may stretch out their subjects throughout the course of recent few days

 Students may also choose on the days of the week that they would like to be assigned to this for the purpose of allocation. They can, for example, study each topic on an hourly basis through the week or each subject on a routine basis all week.

In future you will get all free lecture on our youtube channel, so you can follow us : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCieGUBijztXagj1dEIDVSNw


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams : Journals and CSEET Bulletins published by ICSI

Students preparing for this examination might benefit from the ICSI's monthly journals and bulletins, which are published monthly. Students should refer to these study resources on a routine basis in order to appease the criteria of this examination.

Additionally, this will help them in understanding the most latest events in this examination. Recently published topics, case law, examples of practises, and other related information may be obtained and referenced to via these publications.


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Notes and Books

This national-level examination is often considered as quite competitive. Every student must prepare in the same manner in able to qualify. No particular reference foundation books has been specifically suggested by ICSI in order to prepare for the examination. Students can choose good reading material in order to get excellent marks in each subject. Regardless of the fact that this is not an entire list, students whom refer to these exam study materials will almost certainly get good marks.


As an example,

  • Students may refer to exam study materials published by Taxmann publishers in order to prepare for the relevant questions to Company Law.
  • This publication also has some excellent Multiple Choice Questions on Company Law, which they may use to test their knowledge.
  • ICSI exam study materials are the sole source of information for gaining a conceptual knowledge of Business Communication.
  • Students may refer to the papers done by CS Anoop Jain to have a better grasp of business and commercial laws, which contains good reading material.
  • Any periodical, newspaper, or journal may be used to keep up with current events and keep one's knowledge current.
  • Students may also go at some of the previous year's question questions to ensure that they have been well prepared for the examination. Therefore, students will be able to prepare in a timely manner and fulfil the due requirements for passing the examination.


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Taking Classes or youtube lessons

The students may refer to many websites and YouTube channels that prescribe variety of techniques of study, as well as chapter wise, subject wise, and importance wise notes to guide them with their studies. ICSI also arranges different kinds of lectures and sessions on a regular basis to help students gain a better knowledge of the subject matter.

Students may make effective choices about the kind of programs they choose to participate in. They may choose which resources would assist them in better understanding the topics or which exam study materials will benefit them in clearing up their concerns.


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Giving Mock Tests online on a regular basis

Mock exams are often used to familiarize the students with the manner of examination or to prepare them for trying the actual question paper. Due to the fact that this is now an online paper that can be completed while sitting at home, it may be difficult for students to establish an examination-like environment at home. With the mock exams, users may check their ability to solve problems quickly and accurately, and they can also determine the accuracy level utilized throughout the performance.

Various sorts of mock exams are offered on a variety of internet sites, some of which are charged and others of which are free. Students may choose from a variety of options, but they should put in as much effort as they possibly can.

You can register on our site revisioncube.com if you are planning to give mock tests online with quality of questions.


How to Prepare for CSEET Exams: Self practicing

It is often remarked that "Practice makes a man perfect." This is certainly true. This implies that with consistency completing topics on their own, students may achieve a high level of accuracy while also boosting their speed.

Although students may have completed mock examinations or online sessions, it is critical that they continue to concentrate on self-practice thereafter. One of the most important keys to being successful in this examination is to put in the significant time and effort into it.


Self-Practice for Viva Voice

It should be noted that Paper 4 includes a section on Viva Voice in addition to a section on Current Affairs. At the moment, the Viva Voice is similar to a feasible exam at a research centre that we attend before the Class Xth and Class XIIth Board Examinations, in that it is time-sensitive. The primary goal of Viva Voice is to evaluate an up-and-coming Company Secretary's interpersonal abilities. This is important because, as a Company Secretary, you will have to communicate with partners of the organisation, government/administrative bodies, stock exchanges, and so on, and without strong interpersonal abilities, it may be difficult to pass on perspectives appropriately.

Currently, in order to prepare for Viva Voice, you should practise speaking in front of a mirror on topics such as: yourself; the Indian economy in general; your life goals, and so on and so forth. This will assist you in overcoming your fear of public speaking and will enhance your interpersonal skills as a result.


You have almost covered the key points on how you can clear your CSEET, yet we should not understimate some general points;


1. Acquaint yourself with the exam syllabus:

It's the first and most important step, yet sadly, most students overlook it. Knowing the aim and purpose of the test provides you with clarity as to what the exam-conducting body is looking for in the applicants who take the exam. A highly advised advice is to read the complete exam syllabus from cover to cover. Make sure you're thorough with it. If you are not present, you are no longer alive. Because it assists you in organising the framework, the curriculum is important. Understand the exam pattern of weighting and schedule your time appropriately. Examine prior year's question papers in order to have an understanding of the test format.


2. Stick to a strict timetable:

The Time-Table aids you in setting short- and long-term objectives in the proper sequence. Time-based objectives assist you in allocating the appropriate amount of time to the appropriate subject and topic. When creating a Time-Table, avoid being too ambitious.


The following are some suggestions for designing a Time-Table with caution:


  • Set aside a certain amount of time to study.
  • Take small rests in between each session of work.
  • Don't try to squeeze too much study time into a little amount of time.
  • Give extra attention to issues that are tough to understand.
  • Time must be set aside for Revisions.
  • Don't let your interests slip through the cracks of your busy schedule.


The most essential thing is to be realistic. Now comes the matter of how to go about it. After you have finished your own research, create a study schedule. Do you know whether you're a nocturnal or a diurnal individual? When is it that your energy is at its most active? Most of the time, we don't pay attention to them since they don't appear to be of extreme significance. It is, nevertheless, the case.


Be psychologically prepared for the fact that you will fail several times. No one has ever completed the Time Table in a one sitting. You must embrace the fact that you have deviated from your programme, pick yourself up, and get back on track. And remember, you should never claim that you are unable to adhere to the schedule. Believe in yourself, and you'll be able to pull it off successfully. You can improve performance by scheduling your study properly.


3. Establish your fundamentals:

The majority of pupils seldom bother to look for clarification on a subject; they are too preoccupied with remembering it. Because failing to grasp the essentials implies that you will not be able to lay the groundwork for the topic. The height of a mountain is proportional to the size of its base. As a result, well—understood ideas stick with you for a very long time and enable you to deal with the issues that arise as a result of them with ease. Preparing brief notes on the fundamental concepts is highly suggested so that you may review them before to the test. And a ready-note is usually a good companion when you need one.


4. Review and Evaluate Yourself on a Regular Basis:

Assessing one's own abilities on a regular basis is an important habit to maintain in order to prepare well for exams. Give more and more mock exams, and put in more practice time. Download the example papers from the previous year. Prepare for the competitive test by beginning to work on them as you prepare for it. Consider yourself in an examination hall, attempting to complete the paper in a certain amount of time without taking any pauses. After you have finished the exam, go through your answers with a fine-tooth comb, noting any incorrect answers and revising them as needed.


5. Have self-assurance:

The most important thing is to be confident. Without a question. Confidence without preparedness, on the other hand, is a recipe for catastrophe. Maintain a cheerful attitude, be well-prepared, and offer all you have to the game. It is important to have an enthusiastic attitude regarding the test while you are studying. Don't get overconfident, either. Make an attempt to find a middle ground. Keep studying throughout the year and avoid the last-minute rush in order to minimize the stress and negativity associated with final exams.


6. Take good care of your physical and mental health:

The only means by which we may operate is via our physical and mental bodies. But, more importantly, are we taking good care of our tools? The majority of the time, no. As a result, it is essential to eat well, exercise regularly, and meditate on a daily basis in order to increase energy and focus capacity. Stay away from negative individuals if you want to maintain your mental wellness. Instead, surround yourself with people who have faith in your abilities. Stress should be avoided at all costs since it will not benefit you in any manner. Your body always require a good time of rest so try to manage your bed time routine between 6-8 hours. A good sleep boost your mind also improve performance in studies.

Overall, arrange and pre-plan your study area adequately, review, believe in yourself, eat and sleep well, exercise, and meditate on a regular basis since doing so will help you cope with exam-related challenges more successfully in the long run. If you honestly follow the instructions outlined above, you will pass with flying colours on your first try at the test or exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Cs foundation is easy to crack?

A: Since its the high level of competition, this national level test is not "easy" however you can successfully attempt and clear your CSEET if you have did enough preparation for it.


Q: How much marks are considered as passing score in Cseet?

A: Candidates must earn a minimum of 50% of the total marks to be deemed successful. According to ICSI rules, a candidate will be certified 'pass' in CSEET if he or she achieves 40% in each exam and 50% in the aggregate.


Q: How can I study for Cseet current affairs?

A: We have given sources and foundation books references above in blog, you can also follow ICSI and subscribe any articles or journals to get updated about CSEET current affairs.


Q: What kind of questions will be asked in Cseet exam?

A: The mode of cseet exam will be online and all four subjects will be objective type (Multiple choice questions) with on negative marking. This will be 50 marks mcq paper which is fully online mode.


Q: How can I pass Cseet in first attempt?

A: You can pass your cseet in your first attempt if you apply the given tips in your preparation of CSEET, however it totally are the matter of all your efforts.


Q: After 12th, Can we give Cseet?

A: Candidates who have successfully finished the 12th grade are eligible to sit for the ICSI CSEET test. The following types of students will be excused from CSEET requirements and may apply straight to the Executive Program.


Q: How do I register for Cseet 2022?

A: You need to visit ICSI official site icsi.edu. and then you can register and fill the required documents to complete your registration.


Q:  In CSEET, What is viva voce?

A: Viva-Voice is part B of Paper 4 Current Affairs and Viva Voice in the CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET). Candidates' fundamental communication abilities are assessed during the vivavoce by way of very simple questions posed in everyday language.


Q: In CSEET exams, is pen and paper allowed to carry with?

A: Additionally, candidates are not permitted to use a pen/pencil and paper throughout the Test. The exam should be conducted in the presence of no one other than the bona genuine candidate. During the exam, the candidate should avoid conversing with anybody or reading questions / answers aloud.


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