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About Us

Revision cube is started to cater the needs of students while preparing for Professional Exams. It is usually seen that students put 90% effort into attending lectures but due to online or pendrive lectures, they lack in various parts like Revision along with lectures and attempting questions on their own. We observed a common mindset among students that first he/she will complete all the lectures then he/she will start preparing for self but this is the biggest mistake which they bear in negative result. The syllabus is so vast that this cannot attend the lectures again. So many students attend fast track lectures also So they spend most of the time in lectures only.

The important part which creates a difference between an average student and a rank holder is the time spent on revision, some said it “self study” also. So after discussing with many students we felt the need to provide a dedicated assistance to the students who can guide the students on how to effectively attend lectures and manage lectures along with that. So that no backlog should be created while attending lectures and at the end of the lectures students shouldn’t feel blank like he/she did nothing.

Our expert will be connected with you till your exams, he/she will guide you about strategies, study plans, comparative analysis, unique questions, test your performance time to time, alert you about your mistakes, and keep you motivated.

One of the major performance enables are test papers, we are carefully design the class test for students, after completing, students can attend the test and test the performance. Improvement sheet with suggestions will be provided after every test. Some surprise test papers after every 10-15 days will also be conducted and comparative performance will be shared. Our experts will continuously keep track of your complete lectures and share the performance of other students. How many other students have completed the syllabus will work as a check and build a feeling of competition. The motive of creating this competition is to ensure timely completion of syllabus with revisions.

3 Revision formula is the success secret of many rank holders and top scorers so we will ensure that a student must revise the entire syllabus atleast 3 times with the help of our expert before appearing for the exams.

Our team has designed various goals for the students to complete the lectures and scoring good marks in the test papers. We understand that it is not possible for students to attend more questions in written format so we designed an answer writing program for the students in which our team will provide one question per day or 3 days and the student has to attempt just one question in written format. Written practice of only one question will prove to be a game changer in improving the performance especially presentation skills.

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