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A Guide on CSEET Economic & Business Environment (Paper-3)

A Guide on CSEET Economic & Business Environment (Paper-3)

Introduction of CSEET


This exam is administered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and is considered to be a qualifying admission test for enrollment into the CS Executive Program.

This CSEET Exam is performed four times a year, generally in January, May, July, and November. It is a standardized entrance exam conducted at the national level.

This entrance test will be conducted in English, and the goal of achieving it is to train and certify applicants who want to pursue a career as Company Secretaries.


Introduction to Economic and Business Environment:


In economics, we study worldwide issues such as economic growth and crisis management, as well as issues relating to the financial market. In Part B of the paper, you will learn about the business environment, which includes the elements that have an influence on a company as well as the numerous regulatory agencies that oversee the corporation. Businesses operate in a complex context, and students may benefit from learning how to understand the environment in which they operate. This will enable them to provide appropriate advise to the management. This document will assist you in keeping up to speed with the process flow in the business operations. - ICSI wants its students to be well-versed in the business environment, corporate regulations, and, eventually, corporate governance before entering the business world.


The best approach to studying Business Communication

Carefully go through the study materials and consult other authors' works if you need clarification or a more in-depth understanding of anything.

Reading business newspapers and business publications is a good way to stay up to date.

Brief notes with charts and a mind-mapping strategy will make it easier to analyze the topics as they are being spoken.


In this article, CS students can discover the important chapters and topics, study material, and exam patterns regarding the CSEET Exam according to the latest updates by ICSI [the Institute of Company Secretaries of India]

Syllabus and CSEET Exam Pattern for the CSEET

The study material sheet has been posted on the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) website – icsi.edu, for CSEET students. The testing authority offers online classes to prepare students for the CSEET 2022 exam. 

As a result, before sitting for the CS Foundation Exam, students should review the CSEET entrance Exam Syllabus and CSEET Exam Pattern to get familiar with the CSEET subjects and important topics covered in the exam to plan their preparation correctly.


Qualification requirements: CSEET Exam


Before going for your CSEET registration, candidates should ensure that they meet the qualifying requirements. If an applicant wants to be considered for membership, they must fulfill the minimal qualifying requirements established by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

  • A candidate who has passed or is due to sit for the Senior Secondary (10+2) Examination or an equivalent examination is qualified to enroll in the CSEET.
  • Candidates who have Graduates/ Post Graduates are eligible for registration for CSEET exams.
  • Students, who have already passed ICAI/ICMAI, are exempted from CSEET exams.
  • The only resident of India, are eligible for pursuing CSEET and candidates should least be more than 17 years old.


Economic and Business Environment chapters:

This study is also divided into two sections: economics and business environment, which are both covered in this article. Each portion has a total of 25 impressions on it. The following are some of the concepts that are discussed in this paper:

The subjects covered in the Economic and Business Environment course are as follows:

Economics –

  • Basics of Demand and Supply and Forms of Market Competition
  • National Income Accounting and Related Concepts
  • Indian Union Budget
  • Indian Financial Markets
  • Indian Economy


Business Environment –

  • Entrepreneurship Scenario
  • Business Environment
  • Key Government Institutions


Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3): CSEET Syllabus


This paper within the CSEET Syllabus 2022 is designed to test the experience of micro & macro-economic concepts concerning the Indian economic system (Part A). The second part of the paper will test the knowledge of various crucial components of a business environment-


Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3): CSEET Syllabus & CSEET Exam Pattern


Objective: With a specific focus on the Indian economic system, it is essential to analyze the understanding of micro and Macro Economics concepts. To check the mastery of various crucial components of the business environment.


S. No.


Sub Topic

Part A - Economics (25 Marks)


Basics of Demand and
Supply and Forms of
Market Competition

  Theory of Demand and Supply

  Equilibrium Price

  Elasticity of Demand and Supply and other related

  Increase and Decrease in Demand and Expansion
and Contraction of Demand

  Forms of Market Competition- Monopoly, Duopoly,
Oligopoly, Perfect Competition, and Monopolistic



National Income
Accounting and Related Concepts

  Meaning and methods to compute National Income

  Key variables of National Income (GNP, GDP, NNP,
NDP etc.)



Indian Union Budget

  Key terminologies/heads covered under the budget

  Revenue and Capital Budget

  Major components of Revenue and Capital Budget

  Meaning of Fiscal Deficit

  Components/ Variables covered under Fiscal Deficit



Indian Financial

  Overview of Indian Financial Ecosystem

  Key facets of the Indian financial system

  Growth of Financial Institutions

  Public and private sector banks

  Industrial Finance Corporation of India, Small Industries Development Bank of India

  Regional Rural Banks

  Cooperative Banks

  Non-Banking Finance Companies

  Basics of Capital Market: Types of Shares and Debentures

  Financial assistance scenario for Small and Medium
Enterprises and Start-Ups.



Indian Economy

  Primary (Agriculture and allied activities)

  Secondary (Manufacturing)

  Tertiary (Services):

  Current scenario of agriculture and allied activities in

  Agricultural and Industrial Policies of India

  Current scenario of the services sector in India

  Balance of Payments

  Components of Balance of Payment

  Favorable and Unfavorable Balance of Trade

  Foreign Investments in India- Types and Flows


Part A - Business Environment (25 Marks)



  Government initiatives to foster entrepreneurship

  Need for entrepreneurship in India

  Bottlenecks in entrepreneurial growth



Business Environment

  Overview of Business Environment

  Features and factors influencing the business environment

  Types of the environment: Economic environment, Socio-cultural environment, Political environment, Legal and Technological environment

  Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank for India and Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) for States



Key Government

  Basic awareness about various institutions and
regulatory bodies in India such as NITI Aayog, MCA,



Best Books suggestion for CSEET Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3)

To help you prepare for the CS Foundation Exam, the ICSI offers great study material in PDF format on their website, icsi.edu. However, we had many requests for recommendations for the finest reference books for the Company Secretary Exam preparation.

Also, we know there are no other best-recommended books for examinations other than ICSI's study material, which we believe is true. However, if you like to obtain further information on specific areas or choose to do self-preparation for the CS Foundation exam, the following are my recommendations.

We checked a large number of CS Foundation Books available on the market. In addition, a large number of students were surveyed. According to their recommendations, the reference author books that have been provided are the finest available. Here you may find the best CS Foundation Reference books available on the market.


We are also providing ICSI's Foundation Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3): Study Material with PDF free download Sources.

Here you can download books pdf free from the icai site for your Company secretary exam: Download Here


Best Recommended Books PDF free download for Students of CS Foundation Program paper for Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3)


Following are some of the most outstanding reference books pdf free download or recommended textbooks for CS Foundation students in general and each topic area. Look through the reference lecture notes books organized by topic.

  • H. L. Bhatia
  • D.D. Chaturvedi
  • S. P. Gupta, P.K. Gupta, and Man Mohan
  • R. S. Bhardwaj
  • R. S. N. Pillai & V. Bagarathi
  • Samuelson & William D. Nordhans
  • P. N. Chopra



Previous Year Papers/ Books PDF Free download of Company secretary Foundation Exam with PDF Sources: Economic & Business Environment (Paper 3)


Aside from having the Best lecture notes Books for the Company secretary Foundation Exam with you, it is also essential to carry CS Foundation Previous Year Question Papers with you.

By beginning to solve Company secretary Foundation question papers from past years, you will be better prepared to face any hurdle that comes your way.

It is for this reason that Foundation advises you to solve exam papers. You will get a comprehensive mastery of the subject matter by tackling various question papers.

It is common for a few applicants to leave out certain subjects, which will decrease if you carefully review the questions that will appear on the test sheets.

Another benefit of tackling previous year's question papers is that it provides you with an opportunity to detect and correct all the mistakes that you may have committed.

You may also look at some solved previous year's test papers for the Company secretary Foundation Exam in the table below, in addition to the finest Company secretary Foundation Exam preparation books:


Previous Year Papers

June 2013

Dec 2013

Download Here

Download Here



Company secretary Foundation Helpful Study Notes with PDF Sources


The CS Foundation Study Guide resources have been culled from essential areas to make your preparation as simple as possible. Many Foundation and toppers use our CS Study Notes as their primary preparation method. It will assist you in achieving a large number of score points.

Check out the following links in the table that will be useful for a rapid revision of the Company secretary Foundation Exam in June 2022:

You can download it from here: Download Here

Check This:

FAQs Related to Best Books for CS Foundation Exam


Q- Is the CS Foundation study material useful?

A - You can absolutely achieve with good marks if you work extremely hard with the help of our professional tutors.


Q- Are online mock tests accessible for CSEET at revision cube?

A - Yes, you may access CSEET mock test by visiting www.revisioncube.com


Q- Can I get the CS Foundation Study Guide in PDF format?

A - Yes! You may study anytime you want by downloading the MTP, notes, and previous year's test papers in PDF format, which is given in this blog.


Q- How will I be able to pay for the CS Foundation Study Materials?

A - To pay for the CS Foundation study materials, you may use any of the following payment methods:

Credit/ Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, Paytm, UPI ID, Google Pay, etc.


Q- Is it necessary to have previous computer abilities to take the CS Foundation Computer Based Examination?

A - No, candidates for the CS Foundation CBE need to know how to operate a computer mouse.


Q- Is the CS Foundation CBE handled remotely?

A - No, the CBE is performed via a secure local area network (LAN).


Q- What is the negative marking structure for the CS Foundation Exam?

A - In the CS Foundation exam, improper methods will result in a score of zero being deducted.


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